"A traditional financial advisor serves as a planner and investment manager for their clients. A good financial advisor, however, will look beyond your investment goals in order to offer personalized advice and guidance about taxes, retirement, estate planning, education planning, and other complicated financial challenges that arise over the course of your life. I strive to be an advisor that offers a comprehensive life-planning approach and boutique experience, and I have been lucky enough to build a firm with the expertise to follow through on that vision" 

-Mark G. Spinelli, Founder

Results oriented, purpose driven

Spinelli Financial Advisors was founded in 1998 on a simple premise: provide best-in class investment, tax, estate, and financial planning services with a focus on personalized service, integrity, and transparency.

As your fee-only financial advisors, we can help you define and meet your goals by delivering a vast array of resources to you in the way that is most appropriate for you and your family's needs. We put a complete suite of investment and tax resources at your disposal, and your best interest is always paramount.

We are among some of the world’s most seasoned, credentialed, and respected investment professionals, and we are ardent about delivering a transformative experience in the financial services industry.


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